Eilean Donan castle - The castle sits on top of a small tidal island right where three lochs meet, in the western highlands
Meandering through the highlands, catch the blue sky and the mountains reflected in a lake
The infamous massacre of Glencoe took place here on one frosty February morning back in 1692. Now only a memorial remains to remind visitors of that bloody day
The colourful houses in Portree stand out against the cloudy sky, a cheery sight welcoming visitors to the Isle of Skye
The low tide in the harbour reveals a colorful landscape, Portree, Isle of Skye
The flow of the water tumbling down the waterfall swirls around the massive rocks in the Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye
While driving on the Isle of Skye, you may have to contend with the local sheep too
At the tip of Neist Point, catch a breathtaking view of the cliffs along the coast
Explore along the rocks and small pools that surround Neist Point

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