Cast your peepers on them rickshaws here! Spacious, cushioned seats, seat belts, first-aid kits and uniformed porters! Why, we’d take these rickshaws just to believe they existed. Jokes apart, the idea just fits. The walled city of Shahjahanabad has a charm that has to be simply felt, and there is really no better way to experience it than to sway along—not too fast, not too slow—in a rickety (or not!) rick, taking in the colours of Chandni Chowk, the narrow market galis, the mosques and temples that pepper the area, stopping now and then to visit a monument or snack on stuffed parathas or kulfi or jalebis. What’s more, you get to visit a 150-year-old haveli with its original Mughal architecture. Besides, how else could you boast of riding in a Pedicab numbered 003?

Old Delhi Rickshaw Tours are organised by When in India tours (from Rs 1,800; when They offer several packages but you might want to take the catch-all Shah Jahan tour (Rs 2,500/ 150–180 mins). 

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