Stilt walkers, colourful costumes, music and dance will make for the perfect summer booster this year!

Mark your calendars from 30 June- 2 September 2018 for the Summer Carnimal at Ocean Park, Hong Kong! A brand new celebration of summer, taking place in summer, the Summer Carnimal will bring the world to you- with talented and elite performers from across the globe, get ready to experience a summer festival on the grandest scale. Mind-blowing performances and acts await you; from different animal-themed parades like the whole new Caribbean Summer Parade and Caribbean Summer Night Parade taking place both during the day and the night; tailor-made costumes where  the international performers will dress up in fine costumes with three main themes – marine life, wildlife and birds; to exquisite giant animal puppets, will be displayed for the first time ever!

Performances during the day will include- Applause Pavilion introducing Viva Spectacular with plenty of difficult tricks and skills in a South American style, all delivered by international award-winning performers; a synchronised swimming team from Canada that performs to a national team standard will entertain at Aqua Kaleidoscope at Ocean Theatre, allowing guests to admire their elegant water ballet up close; Whiskers Wet & Foam Bash and a water playground at Whiskers Harbour will be available for families to cool down together during the hot summer weather. During the night, get ready to bring out your party animal with special DJ nights arranged especially for the shy dancer in you! Enhance your look by embracing this carnivalesque culture with glowing bubble wands, animal-themed hats and more summertime-limited merchandise, together with a face painting workshop with colourful patterns and designs.

Guests may spot some familiar faces during the parades, including giant puppets that imitate the Park’s beloved golden snub-nosed monkey, a four-meter-tall giraffe and an elegant stonefish. During night-time performances, the professional dancers will change into lit-up costumes and appear glittering in the dark. As they perform in the Caribbean Summer Night Parade in a different style that continues the carnival party, guests will also be able to experience the Park’s unique summer atmosphere at night.

Prepare to be amazed every hour with elaborate shows which bring authentic culture to the limelight! Caribbean cultural shows boasting of colourful and exciting stunts, Brazilian acts displaying high energy marching to its own drum beats and professional synchronised swimming performances to a national team standard. The carnival also promises to keep you dancing with its arrangement for a bombastic DJ party ‘Burning Beats’ at The Waterfront Plaza, coupled with a vocal band performance by ‘Party Groove’ at Aqua City Lagoon! Too tired after moving to the beats of the night? Go and grab a chilled drink at the Lakeside Chill to hydrate and…go back to the dancefloor.

Getting there

There are multiple direct as well as connecting flights flying to The Hong Kong International Airport from all around the major cities in the world.