Looking for something new to add to your ever-growing bucket list? We’ve got something exciting for the adven­turer in you. Sign up for one of the three exclusive driving tours to the South Pole that are to take place this November. The drives start from a remote-access station run by the US on the Amundsen Coast, and take you to McMurdo Station on Antarctica’s southernmost tip. Each trip will be open to a maximum of six people, and everyone on the trip is expected to get their hands dirty and help with cook­ing, setting up camp and everything else. You can ski, snowmobile and trek up Antarctica’s highest mountain, Mt Vinsen, and get to pursue some tailor-made experiences while on the trip. So if you’re up for this chilling adventure, hop onto the Ilyushin Transport aircraft, which takes off from Punta Arenas, Chile, and takes you to Union Camp where you start acclima­tising for your icy quest. (£110,000 per person; explorationscompany.com/the-polar-regions)

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