THIS IS HOLLAND may not be an actual flight journey across the landscape of the Netherlands, but that does not mean it is any less of an exhilarating experience. In this recently opened Amsterdam theatre, you sit on one of the 40 seats suspended underneath a giant domed screen and watch an eight-minute film that showcases a bird’s-eye view of the most scenic Dutch attractions. The chairs move in sync with the camera movements, so you get a sensation of flying. Add atmospheric effects, including wind, mist and smells, and you have an almost complete suspension of disbelief.

THIS IS HOLLAND invited the makers of the De Nieuwe Wildernis documentary to make a film about the country’s most beautiful places. For two years they filmed the most beautiful places in the Netherlands from a helicopter, after obtaining special permission from nature conservation organisations, municipalities and other organisations enthusiastic about this extraordinary project.  

The filmmakers shot exclusive footage of Dutch world heritage sites, skaters, bulb fields, Amsterdam’s canals and other iconic Dutch scenes. These unique images are now a part of the Flight Experience.

Tickets available for €16.50, open daily;