Rafting through the Grade IV rapid, 'Pulsating Palsi'. The exhilarating patches of whitewater serve to punctuate the placid flow of the Siang elsewhere. Over a week, we work our way through the Siang Valley, from rapids ranging from an easy Grade II to a challenging Grade IV. Before we attempt the biggies, our guides scout the rapids to decide which line will be best to take. We then go into attack mode, furiously paddling against the might of 20ft frontal and diagonal waves
This could be the ocean: a Kayaker rides a wave on the Karko rapid
Loading our rafts before the morning sun gets too strong
Geko Twins beach is ideal for a rest day on the Siang.The riverbanks offer lovely campsites in the form of silvery, sandy beaches, some upto 2km long. A swim in the water usually proves irresistable. After each day's hard paddling, we find beaches such as these to pitch camp for the night. Our beach parties begin with sundowners at an early 4pm around a raging bonfire - very conducive to lengthy discussions about the day's conquests on the river
A Kayaker approaches a cave in the Marmong Gorge. A two-day run, taking all we need on our rafts, leads us into the amphitheatre of the Nigguing and Marmong gorges. This is one of the most gorgeous sections of the expedition. In this 50km stretch, the river hums an altogether different tune - a few Grade III romps are interspersed with sections where the river flows placidly between sheer rocky walls and waterfalls cascading into the river
The hemmed-in gorge throws up rocky overhangs, which form huge enclosures where the water sometimes finds its way into narrow caves
End of the road: just ahead of Pasighat, the Siang empties into the Brahmaputra. A ferry ride on the river is an ideal way to begin and end the trip. With just the odd fishing boat and pockets of tribal villages along the banks, this is a gentle way to bid goodbye to the beautiful river