Kartik Shanker’s book on marine ecology focusses on one of the marine icons of India, the sea turtle. Shanker recounts the history of turtle conservation in India, from the days when they used to be eaten along the eastern coast of the country, right till the present day, when the mass-nesting of sea turtles in states like Odisha have become a massive draw for enthusiasts the world over. The book also talks about the stake of local people in local projects as well as the emerging threats that endanger the animals. This somewhat dense book acts as a veritable encyclopaedia on the subject, complete with exhaustive details on the state of the turtles on a state-by-state basis. The book has been highly praised for its quality of writing as well as the humanity that Shanker brings to the subject. With its scope and breadth, the book seems certain to remain the final word in sea turtle conservation for a long time.

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