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Past Imperfect: Memories Frozen In Time

Past Imperfect: Memories Frozen In Time

18 October, 2021 Shuchi Kapila

From Partition to genocides in Rwanda and elsewhere, museums are important to understanding our fractured past.

Aesthetics Of Nostalgia: The Past Is Not Just Sounds And Symbols But The Distance From Them

Aesthetics Of Nostalgia: The Past Is Not Just Sounds And Symbols But The Distance From Them

18 October, 2021 Rashmi Varma

Nostalgia is now widely commoditised and its political potential is sought to be neutralised into the service of a politics of belonging over that of longing.

Tiger By The Tail: When The LTTE Held Sway And Sri Lanka Was A Bloody Mess

Seema Guha’s recollections of the violent days in Jaffna in 1987. When a fragile truce between the Lankan army and the LTTE fell apart.

Camera Candida: A Photographer’s Efforts To Revive The Lost Art Of Portraits

Camera Candida: A Photographer’s Efforts To Revive The Lost Art Of Portraits

18 October, 2021 Dinesh Khanna

From Lahore to Delhi, Dinesh Khanna follows in his father’s footsteps to capture extraordinary images.

A Catalogue Of Melancholic Ghosts

Are your sweet memories as summer-centric as mine? One summer, I read through all my novels and comics. You see, I was bored.

18 October, 2021

Angels And Demons: Growing Up In Bihar With Fantastical Tales Of Djinns And River Ghosts

Abdullah Khan

In circulation for centuries, such hair-raising stories were an integral part of the state’s oral literary tradition.

18 October, 2021

Phantom Comics And Phantom Cigarettes: Collective Yearning For A Vanished Past

Mukul Kesavan

Mukul Kesavan’s essay on middle-class nostalgia in India—looking back fondly at a time when Indians were worse-off than they are today.

18 October, 2021

The Sea In Mumbai And A Thousand Splendid Memories

Sukhada Tatke

An NRI looks back with fondness, and a little bit of regret, at the time when the sea was part of her everyday life but didn’t matter as much as it does now.

18 October, 2021

Flashback: An Old-Timer Recalls Sepia-Toned Bollywood, In 70mm

Giridhar Jha

Oh, to be able to return to the dank, muggy, single-screen theatres in dusty mofussil towns, and to relive the magic of Bollywood formula (Ssshhh… and some desi porn)

18 October, 2021

Post Card From Kashmir: The Dentist They Killed, The Driver They Assaulted

Huzaifa Pandit

The events entrenched in memory are all imbued with a tinge of grief. A medley of loss and tears in an insurgency-wrecked Valley.

18 October, 2021

From Delhi To Ontario: Seeking Mother Durga And Dhakis In Canada

Bhaswati Ghosh

The sights and sounds that are jarring at home become sweet music. Longing for things lost is the essence of nostalgia.


23 August, 2021

The Magnificent Seven: Finance Ministers Who Shaped India’s Destiny

Alam Srinivas

The last few generations of Indians have lived in an era of sweeping changes driven by passionate proselytisers of the market’s hidden hand—our seven finance ministers since 1991

16 August, 2021

Tumhara Ishq Ishq…? The Double Meanings Of Desire, Porn And Erotica

Paromita Vohra

Not taste and aesthetics, but class and power draw the line between porn and erotica. Exploitation happens everywhere in the world of real-world sex—not just in porn.

09 August, 2021

Outlook-Icare Rankings 2021: India's Best Colleges

Dr Karthick Sridhar

Outlook-ICARE India’s Best Colleges Rankings 2021 can take the stress out of the college selection process and help students find one that’s a good fit

02 August, 2021

Law Blow: Harsh Laws Are Always Used To Suppress Dissent And Opposition

Faizan Mustafa

Harsher laws have always been used to suppress dissent and political opposition

12 July, 2021

Candle In The Wind

Narayani Basu

'I can’t tell you what it was like in chronological order. I haven’t forgotten…I just find it hard to remember.' Historian Narayani Basu recalls the horror of battling to breathe.

31 May, 2021

Most Wanted

Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri

The villains in Ray’s cinematic universe came in shades of grey—fearsome but lovable, sly yet bungling, revolting and funny—and mirrored the heroes in their essential human frailties


31 May, 2021

Ray Of Hope

Sharmila Tagore

The passionate film-maker looked at the world through the lens of humanity and left viewers with optimism for a better, brighter world

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Fishermen fishing from Kumari dam as it overflowing following heavy rain in Kanyakumari district.

PTI Photo

Union External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is greeted by the officials on his arrival in Israel.

PTI Photo

Commuters wade through amid heavy rain in Gurugram.

PTI Photo

People play instruments during Kullu Dussehra, in Kullu.

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BJP Yuva Morcha workers protest against the alleged attack on the ISKCON temple at Bangladesh, in front of Vivekananda House in Kolkata.

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This Election Season In UP, Lakhimpur Kheri Is The New Political Battlefield

The Opposition is hoping for a rich election harvest in Uttar Pradesh but Lucknow appears to be a long way from the killing fields.


The Negotiator: Rakesh Tikait Is The Glue Holding Farmers’ Agitation Together

The former Delhi Police employee has also emerged as the go-to man for the authorities to reach out to the agitating farmers.

Vikas Pathak
The Negotiator: Rakesh Tikait Is The Glue Holding Farmers’ Agitation Together


Kashmir Minority Killings A Throwback To The Terrifying 90s

Outwardly peaceful, Kashmir has seen a spate of civilian killings in recent weeks. A silent unease has now exploded into fear and concern after the shooting of minorities.

Naseer Ganai
Kashmir Minority Killings A Throwback To The Terrifying 90s