January 27, 2020
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You Are Really Only Safe While Fasting

You Are Really Only Safe While Fasting
Water, bottled water
Germs, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, faecal matter, pesticides
EFFECTS: cholera, diarrhoea; fluorosis; liver and kidney damage, skin cancer, drop in sperm counts, high BP.

Cereals, pulses, spices
Sand, marble chips, talc stone; kesri dal; imported toxic legumes
EFFECTS: sand and marble chips could cause dyspepsia, broken teeth. Kesri dal can paralyse the lower limbs.

Milk and milk products
Contaminated water; soap solution and caustic soda; fungi; pesticides; residues of antibiotics
EFFECTS: cancer, convulsions, blurred vision, nausea, nervous disorders.

Packaged, tinned and canned products, chocolates, confectionaries
Tin, lead, nickel, preservatives, toxins from plastics
EFFECTS: tin may cause headache, vomiting, and photophobia; lead may impair kidneys and arteries; excess nickel in chocolates can cause skin cancer; ptha-lates in plastics cause hormonal disorders.

Meat and meat products
E coli, myco-toxins, residues of hormones and antibiotics, pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals
EFFECTS: food poisoning; liver damage; hormonal imbalances; cancer and other disorders.

Fruits and vegetables
Pesticides, heavy metals, carbide gas
EFFECTS: cancer, convulsions, blurred vision, and nausea; cadmium could cause high BP, cancer and bone marrow disorders.

Edible oils
Argemone seeds, castrol oil, rancid oils
EFFECTS: Argemone seeds could cause dropsy; castrol oil could damage the kidneys; rancid oils could cause vitamin deficiency.

Junk and street foods
All kinds of pathogens, preservatives, tastemakers, excess sodium, non-permitted colours
EFFECTS: stomach disorders; cancer; non-permitted colours may damage bones, eyes, testicles, ovaries.

Pesticides, preservatives, asbestos, tin.
EFFECTS: asbestos in juices could cause stomach cancer.

Sweets and honey
Non-permitted colours such as lead chromate, colour textile dyes like metanil yellow. Artificial sweeteners; aluminium foils
EFFECTS: cancer, liver damage, stomach disorders.

ADULTERATION-HOW IT STACKS UP: Ghee, vanaspati 18%, Cereals 11.6%, Sweets 12.2%, Milk 14.3%, Spices 16.5%, Oils 18%, Milk products 7%

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