April 08, 2020
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Yoga As Salad Dressing

Yoga As Salad Dressing
Those on a weekend binge were in for a surprise at select pubs last fortnight. DJs made way for a woman drummer accompanied by kurta-pyjama-clad singers. And the menu featured green salad and water instead of chicken tikka and chilled beer. On the dance floor youngsters jived to bhajans. The ‘satsangs’ were organised by The Art of Living Foundation to woo the youth to Sri Sri Ravishankar’s concept of meditation and yoga. For over three days Generation X swayed to bhajans at a bar in Le Meridien and two popular pubs. Cigarettes and booze were a strict no-no during the three-hour session. "Here they don’t need intoxicants to get high. Chanting gives them lasting happiness," says Sharmila Morarka, a foundation teacher.
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