February 19, 2020
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My Way To The Huawei

The telecom company responds to the allegations

My Way To  The Huawei
Huawei’s main production campus in Dongguan, China
Photograph by Getty Images
My Way To The Huawei

THE security debate around Huawei is politically driven and has been disingenously raised to block market competition. This is unjustified and will result in a slowdown in adoption of new technologies, ­increase costs of network deployment and raise prices. Our customers, partners and stakeholders understand the factors driving the current situation and support us.

Security is Huawei’s highest priority. Policy, standards and procedures will provide security benefits for the telecom ­industry and India. The best approach is for the Indian government to take an independent stand and protect its networks and data through its own standards, test mechanism and policies.

Huawei has subjected itself to the strictest reviews and screening by regulators and customers while expressing understanding of legitimate concerns that some might have. However, no evidence indicates that Huawei equipment poses a security threat. Regarding concerns about Chinese law, the ministry of foreign affairs in China has formally clarified that no law requires companies to install mandatory backdoors. Huawei is willing to address concerns about its openness, transparency and independence.

Huawei has worked closely with many partners and suppliers across the globe to bring world-class products to our customers. We value these relationships and so long as these companies can obtain app­roval from Washington, we will continue to engage with them. We have a ­robust and effective business continuity management system in place to ensure supply continuity regardless of conditions.

In India, Huawei has received full support and confidence of the government during our nearly 20 years of operations in the country. It has cooperated with the government and local players, bringing innovative, industry-first, secure and reliable products that have helped build advanced and secure communication technologies in India. In fact, last year, we secured an invitation from the DoT to submit our proposal for 5G trials, conveying the government’s confidence in Huawei.

(Edited for length and clarity)

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