July 07, 2020
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Why I Love To Hate Outlook

People want snappy stuff and Outlook does not cater to this

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Why I Love To Hate <i>Outlook</i>
Why I Love To Hate Outlook

I have a long association with Outlook; my father used to get the weekly every, well, week and I looked up to it as an ideal for the freedom of press, in-depth reportage, and great writing. But of late I haven’t come across it. It’s like a close cousin who moved to the US and whom I have lost touch with. The way we consume news has changed, almost every bit of news I get is from Twitter, and Outlook seems to be missing there (except, I did come across Outlook’s tiff with an IAS officer because it was trending, so maybe not missing altogether). On Twitter it is mostly the news dailies or the Caravan Magazine for me. Perhaps that is because of the people I follow, but it still indicates your absence on social media. I have been extremely fond of Outlook in the past so my only suggestion would be for it to work on catering to the new ways of consuming news. People want snappy stuff and Outlook does not cater to this, but that is okay because people looking for serious, nuanced writing will go to Outlook (as long as they can find it).

Rajneesh Kapoor is a comedian and cartoonist

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