July 06, 2020
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Why I Love To Hate Outlook

A makeover would do the magazine great good...

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Why I Love To Hate <i>Outlook</i>
Fotocorp (From Outlook 21 September 2015)
Why I Love To Hate Outlook

To start with, I have to say that I like the magazine and make it a point to read it almost every week. I like its content, may it be politics, business or features and make no complaints on that account as I believe that a magazine’s writing and its views are an editorial choice. Perhaps, the only area where I would ask Outlook to pull up its socks, and it is an important reckoner for any magazine which survives in this day and age, is the format and design of it. When I say this for you, I could perhaps say it for many others, but with Outlook it is my one big, and only complaint. You must keep up with the changing ways of consuming news. The way we read has changed dramatically and you need to cope with it and accommodate it in your workings. You need to redesign and restructure the magazine, letting go of the old-world style that you continue to follow to date. I believe that your good content is not going hand in hand with good design, which has led people around me (let alone many other readers) go off Outlook. A makeover would do the magazine great good, keeping in mind how the eye moves, visual appeal and an overall attractive packaging which will supplement the good writing that it offers its reader.

Pritish Nandy is a poet, painter, journalist, media and TV personality, ex-RS member of Shiv Sena.

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