May 31, 2020
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Why I Love Outlook

Its well-researched pieces were like none others and this I say about all their sections.

Why I Love <i>Outlook</i>
Fotocorp (From Outlook 24 August 2015)
Why I Love Outlook

I cannot commit to having read Outlook week after week for the last 20 years, I cannot even say that I read it often enough in the last few years, but I can with conviction say that I like the magazine. At a time where India Today and The Week ruled the market, Outlook brought to the readers an alternate view, an indepth one, which was a refreshing change and helped bring under its embrace many readers from the other side. Its well-researched pieces were like none others and this I say about all their sections—politics, business and features. There’s not a lot I can say about the political or business sections of the magazine because as a creative person they do not draw me, but I did manage to get through Outlook’s reportage on these, which I would say speaks volumes about the way the magazine as a whole writes and reads. About the features, I’m better off speaking. I’ve enjoyed reading about the cultural problems India faces, trends, cinema, food, and intermittently, fashion. But when it comes to the music industry and Outlook on it, I draw a blank. Outlook does not seem to take into account the many things that are happening in the music scene in the country. That’s my only complaint with Outlook.

Leslie Lewis ‘Lezz’ is an Indian composer

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