June 05, 2020
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Why I Love Outlook

I’ve never seen Outlook become one-dimensional.

Why I Love <I>Outlook</i>
Sanjay Rawat
Why I Love Outlook

Unfortunately, I haven’t been reading Outlook on a regular basis. But whenever I do get an opportunity to browse through it, I really like its content. The issues covered are widespread and cerebral, and the diverse views definitely get you thinking, even if you don’t agree with all of them. The investigative element, which is missing in many magazines today, can quite easily be found in Outlook. This has continued over the last 19 years and is definitely praiseworthy. The media, of late, has become extremely polarised in the midst of all these political and business developments; but I’ve never seen Outlook become one-dimensional. It’s true that every magazine has its own viewpoints and inclinations, which are reflected in its writings, and Outlook is no exception, but that doesn’t overwhelm other principles the magazine stands for. I want to read about things which I don’t always agree with, because that opens up my mind. Outlook is special and I believe it’s one of the top national magazines of the day.

Maneka Sorcar, Magician and daughter of P.C Sorcar Jr. She has presented over 250 magic shows.

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