June 06, 2020
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Why I Love Outlook

This 'complete package', with an unbiased stand, highlights important issues in various fields.

Why I Love <i>Outlook</i>
Why I Love Outlook

I have been reading Outlook magazine for a long time and can say it is a complete package. It highlights important issues in Indian politics, economy, social sector as well as international affairs. I have held it in high regard for its unbiased way of presenting news and highlighting the issues, ignored by many other publications. The  content is also unbiased. Since inception, Outlook has contributed to shaping opinion. The magazine has created a niche for itself and  has been maintaining its high standards, offering something for all age groups. Whether you like it or dislike it, you just can’t ignore Outlook due to its inventive way of presenting news. But I also feel the magazine can extend itself by covering issues rela­ted to the more deprived sections. Outlook has been fulfilling its responsibilities towards society quite well, and I hope it will continue to do so in the future.

(Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, national vice-president, BJP)

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