May 25, 2020
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Why I Love Outlook

It has offered space for the voices of the people on the margins...

Why I Love <i>Outlook</i>
Why I Love Outlook

I just asked myself one question: would I be happy if Outlook stopped publication? I certainly would not. It has offered space for the voices of the people on the margins; for contentious issues, including attacks on our secular fabric; exposing scams not highlighted in popular media, often overriding corporate interest. Exposing truth through disclosure is tough business, but Outlook has survived.

In the majoritarian democracy India is threatening to become, it may often be difficult to speak truth to power. But then isn’t that the business of good journalism? Those who craft information must have an obligation to report the truth, without any fear and prejudice, or else all is lost. Outlook takes its role as the “fourth estate” in a democracy seriously, and continues to critique the establishment in the rapidly dwindling species of “independent journalism”. Yet there is a critique that it does sometimes let the logical trajectory stop half way. Let us remind ourselves that the elected government lasts but five years and that Outlook and citizens—the reading public and beyond—must promote a just system and the rule of law for many more!

(Aruna Roy is a bureaucrat-turned-political & social activist.)

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