January 12, 2020
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"We'll Set Up Shop In Mandis"

President and CEO of Reliance Retail says his company is ready for all eventualities

Bharat Aggarwal
"We'll Set Up Shop In Mandis"

On entering the agriculture trading business: Yes, we are seriously considering it both in order to achieve seamless backward integration with our Reliance Fresh outlets and to trade commodities in the open market through local village mandis.

On the possibility of a backlash: We are ready for all eventualities. We'll set up shop in mandis to sell fruits, vegetables and other produce, but only in states that have amended the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees Act. So, now we'll be in a position to not only meet the needs of our Reliance Fresh outlets, but also sell to a wider group of customers that will include food companies, food exporters and other retailers. We're looking at strengthening our supply chain network by including new distribution centres that will now be connected to more towns and mandis across the country.

On the status of Reliance Fresh in UP and West Bengal: Given that both the state governments had instructed us to wind up our operations, we're now awaiting a clear directive from them regarding the road ahead. We'd definitely like to be present in food and grocery even though it entails huge development cost as we see the market growing exponentially.
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