February 19, 2020
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We Have To Support Whatever BJP Does'

Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, who conspicuously failed to join in the chorus of congratulations after the nuclear tests, says his party has no option but to support the government policy as it is part of the coalition. Excerpts:

We Have To Support Whatever BJP Does'

Do you support the nuclear policy foisted on the country by the BJP government?

We are a part of the government at the Centre. So whatever it does, we have to support it. What more can I say?

Did the prime minister inform or consult you before going in for nuclear blasts?

No, I had no knowledge. But it is not always necessary to consult coalition members.

What will be the impact on Punjab?

There will be no impact.

Do you think the ISI may step up its activities in the state?

We are fully aware and conscious of all the problems that we may have to face. Our police is on the alert. Today, we have succeeded in maintaining aman shanti in Punjab.

Rajya Sabha MP Brajinder Singh Hamdard, your own man, has categorically condemned the nuclear tests in Ajit.

That’s his personal view. He is an independent MP, although supported by the Akali Dal. Ajit is his paper. He can say what he believes.

Will there be any impact on foreign investment or on the flow of NRI funds for the Khalsa tricentenary celebrations?

No. In any case, as far as economic sanctions are concerned, the country should try to stand on its own feet.

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