August 15, 2020
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"We Are Not Against Any Party"

Archbishop Alan de Lastic, cbci vice-presi -dent and member, National Integration Council, spoke to Outlook on the issues before the Church. Excerpts:

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"We Are Not Against Any Party"

On the CBCI meet: Some major decisions were taken concerning the Church in society: its impact and influence. The Church will take more cognisance of issues that have moral connotations and issues of justice. And we are realising that there are a number of issues on which we must speak out.

On the Dalit Christian agitation and political parties: It has been a rallying point for the  community and has made people aware of the injustice done to them. It is a human rights issue. We are not against any party as such. The government in power has the duty to put the Constitution into practice and make the benefits of progress available to the very poor. We're against the Central Government because it has not yet done its duty.

On the ascendancy of radicalism in the Church: I would not call them radicals. They just want the issues to be discussed at the national level.

On opinions within the Church on the economic reforms, the reservation policy and other means The of economic and social upliftment: Church is not fully qualified to give its opinion on these points. It's only when we feel a moral issue is involved that we step in. Then the Church must make its stand clear. There are individual priests and groups of clergymen who are also citizens of India and they can speak out, but it is very difficult for the Church except to say that the policies should benefit all classes. Most policies are very good but there is a lot of corruption and inefficiency.

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