January 25, 2020
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"Bhansali spatialises Devdas in a series of tableaus. It's an Ekta Kapoor-style opera full of family intrigues and conspiring relatives."
Shiv Vishwanathan


"Rs 50 crore hasn't given the film a new life. The opulence kills whatever agony the protagonists suffer. The tragedy never reaches its poignancy."
Rituparno Ghosh


"Devdas is part of the Indian consciousness. Devdas' journey is resonant for a lot of Indians. It invokes a sense of loss for a life that's passed."
Ashish Nandy


"Devdas is timeless. P.C. Barua and Bimal Roy also took liberties with the text. So why not Bhansali so long as the spirit of the novel is rightly narrated."
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