April 04, 2020
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Vinay Shukla

The director on the Kudos and the controversy behind his film,'Godmother'

Vinay Shukla
Is Godmother a political, gender, communal or social statement?
It's primarily on communal reality. But it also looks at gender bias, corruption, caste politics, power relationships, religion and the subversive system that connects them.

What inspired you to make this film?
There'd be no Godmother without Shabana. The role's unique, unexperimented, powerful.

Is the female don the '90s reincarnation of the '70s angry young man?
The angry young man was a historical necessity. History will tell whether this will start a new genre of films that break the stereotype of women in Hindi films.

This film might not be most people's idea of women empowerment...
This is a film about my own sensibilities and concerns. Women empowerment or violence was never the basis. It emerged in the course of story-telling.

Is the resemblance with Santokben a pure coincidence?
There was Krishan Chander's Dhangaon ki Rani. Jinhamassi of Mumbai's underworld was another character. Santokben came later. Rambhi was crafted out of my need to refrain from making a retrograde film on women while going beyond the Mumbai mafia.

How much of your film is fact and how much fiction?
Only 30 per cent fact and 70 per cent fiction.

What kind of cuts did you have to make to appease Santokben?
We only added a small flashback scene.

What about Mahendra Desai's allegation that you 'lifted' from his novel?
He just wanted some cheap publicity.

Has controversy become a vital ingredient for box office success?
It might focus attention on a film. But I never invited controversy.

what next now that you have six awards to your credit ?
A film on the mother - son relationship with producer Boney Kapoor. Human relationships motivate and intrigue me as director.

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