February 21, 2020
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Vikrant Chougule

MD, Chateau Indage (Leisure Division), one of India's largest producers of still and sparkling wines, on Privé, Mumbai's newest swish club

Vikrant Chougule
Vikrant Chougule

Why a privilege club?
Mumbai needed a place where like-minded people could let their hair down, relax and get special treatment. Privé is a private members’ club, not a privilege club.

But the membership is Rs 1 lakh?
Privé is not about money but experience of the best service and individual attention. 

Individual attention?
Your own table, a glass enclosure, a bar and butler who serves only you. It’s about personalised service like having your name on champagne glasses or tissue papers.

Who is it meant for?
People like me and my business partner Aditya Kilachand, who are thirty-something, dislike overcrowded spaces and prefer to entertain and be entertained in a classy,yet vibrant environment.

Is Privé Mumbai’s Tramp or Annabelle?
They’re similar spaces, but 20 years old. Privé is far more involved and different. 

Bowls of condoms in washrooms have created a flutter.
Our message is safe sex. India should accept that people have sex. We didn’t become a billion people just like that.

Why French palace architecture?
We wanted opulence and translated the period work from the Louis xiv era into a modern, Las Vegas environment. 

There are tables in a pond full of lotuses.
They create a surreal environment no other club offers.

Is the membership open?
Yes, but only those recommended by our 130 existing members.

Privé seems high on the snob-quotient.
Not quite. It’s meant for a certain type of people who want to be looked after.

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