July 04, 2020
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Vijitha K.R., Attapady

Born February 14, 1996

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Vijitha K.R., Attapady
Vijitha K.R., Attapady

Vijitha studies in Palakkad, which is a fair way from her home up in the Western Ghats, and comes across as much older than her years. She holds her tribal customs close and has fairly strong views on modern trends like the misuse of mobile phones by the young (which she expresses through her writings). A voracious reader, she hopes to contribute towards getting Attapady better public facilities someday.

What I want to be

I am now in my last year of school and want to get into a civil engine­ering course so one day I can help in development work in Attapady.

My inspiration

I love reading and writing and I have read a few of M.T. Vasud­evan Nair’s novels. But it is A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s writings that inspire me the most. I hope someone like Kalam will emerge from Attapady.

Who I will vote for

I will vote for the party that is concerned about us and the development of my region.

What religion means to me

I believe in God and it is his power that helps us strive for and achieve what we want.

What makes me angry

It upsets me that my tribal community is being slowly wiped out. The numerous infant deaths in my region really make me sad. There was a time when my community was very healthy and we did not have to worry about malnutrition and deaths. But our traditional agricultural practices are no more and now my community is dying.

I am proud of

The education that I have received.

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