February 15, 2020
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Vijai Kapoor

Delhi's new LG discusses future plans, says people must demand better services

Vijai Kapoor
From Indraprastha to a city full of problems, how has Delhi come to such a sorry pass?
Delhi has not reached a sorry pass, it's a leading agent of India's rural-urban transformation.

Delhi's the world's seventh most polluted city. Are efforts on to reduce pollution?
Most of the pollution is caused by vehicular traffic. The solution lies in establishing a mass rapid transit system.

Delhi's traffic is dangerous, yet little is done about it. How do you plan to make some sense of this traffic madness?
We propose to bring blueline buses under the kilometerage system of the DTC, as a result of which they will adhere to the operating norms.

Every summer there is a spate of illnesses. Any plans of prevention?
We are laying emphasis on delivery of potable water in all colonies, and improving curative processes, including rehydration.

A recent report said the water in south Delhi's Kidwai Nagar is unfit for human consumption.
The test of the sample has so far not disclosed the presence of any contamination, but we are maintaining utmost vigilance.

What specific agenda have you chalked out for the capital?
We have to improve all facets of metropolitan infrastructure and governance.

How can the Delhi police be made more effective?
By professionalisation and commitment to the functions laid down by law and ensuring total integrity in its operations.

How can the crime rate be reduced, especially against women?
More professional surveillance of potential offenders, preventive action and effective investigation and prosecution of cases.

Any plans for Delhi's architectural heritage?
We will bring historical Delhi into focus; lighting up major monuments and gates.

What is the key to the emergence of Delhi as a superior metropolis?
A metropolis is built by its people. On the one hand, they should contribute to its growth; on the other, they must demand that the official agencies function efficiently.

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