August 03, 2020
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VII Things We Learnt Last Week

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VII Things We Learnt Last Week
  • As a chemist, the late UK PM Margaret Thatcher was part of a food industry team that developed the ice-cream scoop
  • Of the 4,368 e-mails in Hillary Clinton’s inbox, over 200 (some 1,000 pages) pertained to India
  • PM Narendra Modi’s US visit attracted over 27,639 words in 31 articles; Manmohan Singh got 7,596 words in 8 articles
  • Indians are the largest ethnic sperm donors in the United Kingdom, more than African, Chinese and Pakistan men
  • The French village of Liettres claims to have invented the game of cricket in 1478 during the reign of Louis XI
  • An average user spends 46 minutes a day on Facebook and its messaging service WhatsApp
  • The only hangover cure that really works: drink less
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