February 22, 2020
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Vignettes Pooled In Sepia

Vignettes Pooled In Sepia
  • Rare Vijayanagara photographs from the 1850s
  • Photos of Sanchi, Sarnath, Mohenjodaro and Taxila by Sir John Marshall, asi chief (1902-28)
  • Raja Deen Dayal's photographs of PrincelyIndia, people, palaces and cities
  • Samuel Bourne's photos of India from his arrival in 1863 in Calcutta, trips from Madras to Simla and Kashmir, and his Himalayan expeditions
  • Felice Beato's photo of the Mutiny-ravaged cities like Delhi and places from Lucknow to Kanpur
  • James Waterhouse's pioneering photographs of central India from the early 1860s
  • Photos of the architecture of Lucknow just before its destruction by the British, post-Mutiny
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