May 25, 2020
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Vajpayee's Dream

Vajpayee's Dream
The Golden Quadrangle project
International class expressways spanning 14,000 km. Six-lane expressways connecting the four metros; will cut travel time by half. Highways connecting North to South and East to West.

Projected cost: Rs 54,000 crore.

Expected completion: 2008

Grey Areas: Land acquisition and feeder roads not planned properly. Law and order problems.

National Power Grid
Will join the existing power grids to form a national grid accessible from any point in the country. Will shift excess power to power-deficit areas.

Projected cost: Rs 80,000 crore.

Expected completion: 2012

Grey Areas: Issues like transmission and distribution need to be sorted out to get full benefit of the project.

Inter-linking of rivers
Will connect major rivers in India to evenly distribute water from surplus to scarce states, solve both floods and droughts.

Projected cost: Rs 5,60,000 crore.

Expected completion: 2016

Grey Areas: Huge outlay, finance and revenue source not identified. Water is a state subject.

Sky Bus Metro
Will provide an alternate mode of transportation and take the load off city roads.

Projected cost: Rs 25,000 crore.

Proposals for Mumbai, Kochi and Goa under consideration.

Grey Areas: Technology not tested anywhere in the world; too many views against it.

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