May 25, 2020
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Urmila Matondkar

On her new film Pinjar and the new serious phase in her Bollywood career

Urmila Matondkar
Urmila Matondkar
You are playing another traumatised character. Was this one challenging?
I didn't play Puru as a fictional character. She is too real and subtle to be purely cinematic.

Did the role have any impact on you?
Roles like these do affect the actor. Now terms like Partition and communal riots are part of my borrowed reality.

What is Pinjar's message?
It goes far beyond immediate borders of time and place. Pinjar is my contribution to unravelling the age-old mystery of communal violence.

So is it a historical in the true sense?
The film is also an entertainer. It isn't like a classroom vision of history.

But why another historical?
So that we as Indians don't keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Is this the serious phase in your career?
I don't believe in these labels. I just want to be a capable actress.

A national award for Pinjar?
Awards and I don't see eye to eye. I am too busy acting to be thinking about the awards. But if it happens, I'll be very happy.

You play another angry woman in Tehzeeb.
It's a rare film based on relationships. Not too many wanted to make such a film without plots.

Many other actresses didn't want to face the camera with Shabana Azmi in this film.
You think I was being gutsy? Not the least. It was a pleasure reliving those Masoom days.

What next?
Sukoon with Raveena Tandon and then Tanuja Chandra's Hope & A Little Sugar, a light romantic movie with 9/11 as its backdrop.

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