February 28, 2020
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Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke
The arrest at the Dubai airport of self-styled grooming guru and Page 3 pundit Prasad Bidappa for "carrying two grams" of marijuana in his hand baggage has, predictably, shocked Bangalore’s fashion community. Bidappa’s family though are still putting up a brave face. Wife Judith was reported saying: "Everybody smokes grass occasionally...he had given his suitcase for repairs, we don’t know if one of the peons put it in". The permissiveness tack not working and the peons not to be found, they went into clam-up mode. Bangalore cops, in a cold response, said they would probe the "source" of the drug if asked. As the affair stands, it looks like Bidappa’s style company really needs some public relations backing. Handling models was so much more easy.
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