February 21, 2020
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Unexploited Resources

Unexploited Resources

Mali GDP: $9.77 billion Resources: Phosphates, kaolin, uranium

Senegal GDP: $15.64 billion Resources: Phosphates, iron ore

Guinea Bissau GDP: $901.4 m Resources: Phosphates, bauxite, unexploited deposits of petroleum

Burkina Faso GDP: $14.51 b Resources: Phosphates, manganese, gold, copper, zinc, silver

Ivory Coast GDP: $24.3 b Resources: Petroleum, natural gas, diamonds, copper

Ghana GDP: $ 41.2 b Resources: Petroleum, gold 

Equatorial Guinea GDP: $1.27b Resources: Petroleum, unexploited reserves of gold, uranium, titanium 

Chad GDP: $9.29b Resources: Petroleum (unexploited but exploration under way), uranium

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