January 23, 2020
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Trash Of The Fortnight : Tarla Dalal Cookbook

Trash Of The Fortnight : Tarla Dalal Cookbook
Dhokla Devi strikes again! This time with Fast Foods Made Healthy, the 43rd rip-off from the Tarla Dalal cookbook factory. The only woman in India who sells shuddh white sauce to sadhus wannabe in the name of saatvic foods, this hardback continues Tarlaben’s lifelong career of having profited after plundering all cuisines of authenticity. After tempting the insulin-sluggish with Delicious Diabetic Recipes and the metabolically-challenged with the Mixer Cookbook, the Total Health Series is her latest gambit to wrest money from battlers of the bulge. Thickened with bakwas recipes in full-fat versions for all, from deep-fried burgers and malai kofta to ghee-dripping gajar-ka-halwa with instructions on steaming koftas and how to make dal makhni with milk seems to be the only way Dalal could fill 103 pages. Out of 50 recipes peppered with eye-boggling fonts, as many as 22 recipes call for frying, and list butter, cream and cheese as main ingredients. Dancing with Dalda dabbas has got to be healthier than this book which sure as hell isn’t about loving your aorta.
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