May 29, 2020
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Trash Of The Fortnight: City Roads

Trash Of The Fortnight: City Roads
Driving through the roads of Delhi and Mumbai is indeed a challenge these days. Their serious state of disrepair only gets worse after the monsoons. And since it’s rained as much in Delhi as in Mumbai this year, the roads in the two metros are in competition for the worst spot. However, there’s much in common—huge potholes, mudpools and puddles which force one to wonder about the quality of construction material. Even the safest driver can be pulled into an accident and we’ve not yet begun talking about the damage to your vehicle. Flyover constructions have only made the woes worse. Hell may be a more pleasant place compared to getting stuck in peak-time traffic on a rainy day in Delhi or Mumbai. So what makes for the most avoidable routes? In Mumbai it’s a toss-up between Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road and A.L. Nair Road and Megha Sethi Road in Bombay Central. In Delhi it’s the Minto Road. Not only is it much below any acceptable standard of ground level, the non-existent drainage system drowns it out totally. To think two buses got submerged under the Minto Bridge. And we pay taxes for the maintenance!
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