May 25, 2020
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‘Toh Aap Ek Kaam Karo Na, You Just Talk...Call Him, Minister...’

R.K. Chandolia, June 26, 2009

‘Toh Aap Ek Kaam Karo Na, You Just Talk...Call Him, Minister...’
Martin Louis
‘Toh Aap Ek Kaam Karo Na, You Just Talk...Call Him, Minister...’

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Here Radia talks to Chandolia on the ways the Tatas can fund a hospital in Perambalur, A. Raja’s hometown. Later, the Tata Foundation allotted Rs 9 crore to upgrade hospitals in the district.

R.K. Chandolia: Hello...

Niira Radia: Hi, How are you?

RKC: Haan, good afternoon, I’m fine, how are you?

NR: I’m all right. Well, I’m snowed under, in Bombay, or should I say washed under with the rain...

RKC: Okay.

NR: How are you?

RKC: When are you coming back to Delhi?

NR: Not till Tuesday, Wednesday...

RKC: Okay, okay...could you speak?

‘(Tatas) can provide either equipment or some wards.’

NR: I did speak to Krishna Kumar, I did speak to him, he was supposed to tell the...take see, let me tell you where they are coming from...they’re going ahead, they want to do that, they (are) doing the hospital in Perambalur, no problem right? But what they want to do is, and because the charter of the trust allows them to do it only in a particular manner, what they have to do is, they have to provide equipment for the hospital.

RKC: Okay.

NR: Or they provide say, certain wards, they’ll build certain wards or something. So the letter that we have to do, it’s not a cheque-cheque that we give, we actually have to give a letter, and based on that letter, when they start working on the hospital, on certain areas that I decided, between the wards or equipment, then those disbursements start happening.

RKC: Okay, toh aap ek kaam karo na, you just him, minister...

NR: Hmm.

RKC: And tell him, because he was waiting your call...

NR: He’s waiting my call?

RKC: Haan, haan.

NR: Okay, has he left for Chennai or is he still here?

RKC: Nahin, he is in Chennai.

NR: He is in Chennai, is it?

RKC: Haan, haan.

NR: When will he come back?

RKC: He’ll come on Monday.

NR: He’ll come on Monday. Okay, I’ll have a word...

RKC: Aap baat karke mujhe bata dena aapki baat ho jab.

NR: Okay. I’m sorry maine phir uske baad phone nahin kiya, kyunki kal hi jaake baat hui hai.

RKC: Haan, haan.

NR: So I...I...that’s what he said to me, I just wanted that clarity. Toh maine kaha jo bhi hai, tum (unclear) leke jaake submit kar do na, do a nice photo-op and all that. Maine yahi usko bola tha.

RKC: Haan, haan.

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