July 04, 2020
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Todatoshi Akiba

Hiroshima’s mayor, recently in New Delhi, on India, Pakistan and nuclear disarmament

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Todatoshi Akiba
Todatoshi Akiba
What brings you to India?
To deliver a message from Hiroshima on the horrors of atomic bombing to India and Pakistan.

But both are now nuclear states.
It is indeed a sad state of affairs in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.

Has Gandhi inspired your people?
Definitely. But, unfortunately, Indians and Pakistanis seem to have forgotten his message of non-violence.

But the US too possesses nuclear weapons. And Japan is an ally of the Americans.
The Americans too have forgotten their leaders like Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. They've forgotten their history.

You think India and Pakistan are on the brink of a nuclear holocaust?
The danger is always there.

What, in your opinion, is the way out?
Peace won't come as long as the two countries continue to be hostile towards each other.

You see a contribution from your side in this direction?
I invite both the prime ministers to make the historic city of Hiroshima the venue for their talks.

How can India collaborate with Japan to spread the nuclear disarmament message?
Among other things, the Indian film industry can collaborate with us on a film we're making on the bombing of Hiroshima.

What effects of the bombing does Hiroshima still suffer from?
We still have burnt-down trees, buildings and scarred walls to remind us of the day.

Is complete disarmament possible?
Nothing is impossible.

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