May 31, 2020
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'Tis A Weary Hand

Key states in which the party has to put in place a revival strategy for Elections 2009

'Tis A Weary Hand

Results of 2004 Lok Sabha Elections

Total seats 25
Congress: 4
BJP: 21

Anti-incumbency in the BJP-ruled state could help the Congress. But party has no CM candidate.


Total seats 26
Congress: 12
BJP: 14

The 2007 assembly elections exposed the Congress weakness. Will be difficult to retain its 12 seats.


Total seats 48
Congress: 13
BJP: 13
Shiv Sena: 12
RPI(A): 1

The Congress-NCP state government is very unpopular. This could impact Congress fortunes. Also, factionalism in the state unit spells trouble for the party.


Madhya Pradesh
Total seats 29
Congress: 4
BJP: 25

Bitterly divided state unit. Congress has to get its act together to capitalise on the anti-incumbency factor in this BJP-ruled state.


Uttar Pradesh
Total seats 80
Congress: 9
BJP: 10
SP: 35
BSP: 19
RLD: 3
Others: 4

Once its bastion, the Congress has declined with every election. It has lost ground to the BSP and SP.


Total seats 40
Congress: 3
RJD: 22
JD(U): 6
BJP: 5

The Congress cannot pin its hopes on Laloo anymore. The virtually non-existent state unit has to be revived.


West Bengal
Total seats 42
Congress: 6
CPI(M): 26
Other Left parties: 10

Despite Nandigram, it will require considerable grassroots work for the Congress to improve its tally.


Andhra Pradesh
Total seats 42
Congress: 29
TRS: 5
TDP: 5
Others: 3

The Congress is fighting anti-incumbency. It also has to contend with a resurgent TDP.


Total seats 28
Congress: 8
BJP: 18
JD(S): 2

Can improve on its 2004 tally. But the Congress has to campaign aggressively to counter the BJP. 


Tamil Nadu
Total seats 39
Congress: 10
DMK: 16
PMK: 5
CPI: 2
CPI(M): 2

AIADMK was wiped out in 2004. Equations could change in 2009. Difficult for Congress to retain its tally.

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