February 14, 2020
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The Web Exclusives

What if there were no Kapoors in Bollywood, no ban on Satanic Verses, all PIOs returned home tomorrow, India were really to shine, there were no Marutis or trucks on the road and no butter chicken either?

The Web Exclusives

Dev Anand : What If Prithviraj Kapoor Had Not Left Peshawar?
Well, for one the rest of the talented lot of the family would never have appeared in films either, nor all those great films made.

Mir Ali Raza: What If The Satanic Verses Had Not Been Banned?
For one, Ayatollah Khomeini would probably never have seen a televised protest which prompted him to issue that infamous fatwa proscribing a book he had himself never read....

Sanjay Suri: What If All PIOs Return Home Tomorrow?
How long could they stay in that airconditioned building? Would they have 24 hour water and electricity? Would they - or we - cope? Would people would make fun of their accents? Would they not be NRIs anymore? 

Aditya Jha: What If India Were Really To "Shine"?
Will we be happier? Will all of us have a job, a house, a car, a driver and even 3-D mobile phones (whatever they will be)? Or will we all be divorced, drunk, fat, cramped for space, lonely and in debt?

Sherna Gandhi: What If Maruti Hadn't Hit The Roads?
Would we all still be driving around in those ye olde dabbas? Would we still have had Morris Minors, Austin Englands, Impalas and Triumphs, all dating from the pre Ambi-Fiat era, on our roads?

Shahid Amin: What If There Were No Trucks At All?
Would we have remained the old-style, cart-dependent consumers that most of us were? Would we have remained deprived of the juicier, perishable and mouthwatering pleasures of life?

Pramila N. Phatarphekar: What If Kundan Lal Hadn't Hit Upon Butter Chicken?
Where would the poultry industry be without this wonder recipe? What would Pandit Nehru have served at state banquets, and what would Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi have demanded in their school tiffin boxes?

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