Friday, May 27, 2022

The Spellbinder

The controversy notwithstanding, the Baba continues to keep his following

The Spellbinder
The Spellbinder The Spellbinder

Faatyachya tarha pahun, yavan mhanne bhaag tumha.
Taisi agnichi upasana, pahuni apuli dayaghana.
Nishchay hot amuchya mana, ki apan hindu mhanunni...
Pari bhed he vyawaharik. Yate chahtil tarkik
Pari jigyasu bhavik, tya na vate mahatwa yanche.

One must call you a Muslim because you read the Quran
One is also certain that you are a Hindu, as you worship agni (fire)
But the differences are only of practice, of technicalities
An earnest and curious devotee does not find them important. 

—from Sainath Stavan Manjiri in Marathi