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The Sked

Celebrating K.G. Subramanyan, three days of music from different genres and Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak on stage together

The Sked
The Sked

Delhi Art
In Line With The Master

The world of art lost a pioneer in K.G. Subramanyan last month. The 92-year-old artist’s versatile oeuvre is being celebrated in an exhibition titled Anatomy Lessons. Subramanyan was not just known for his pedigree on canvas but also as a poet, scholar and institution-builder. Over 60 of his works will be on display. The event also seeks to bring out the artist’s play with figuration, his varied ways of looking at life and his ability to constan­tly mould his works in keeping with his increasing awareness of the world. And keeping with the theme of exploring the man further, the exhibit will also have his poems, illustrated books for children, letters to eminent people and a video of images and material from his works in the late ’40s and early ’50s. Subramanyan used a spectrum of different mediums and materials in his sketches and doodles, adding to a vast trove of work. His works captured the delicateness of the Orientalist style combined with strands of the modern, pushing the limits of perception. The exhibit also brings his earliest works in oil and reverse painting on glass and acrylic. K.G. Subramanyan remains an inspiration and this is your chance to take a peek into the creative mind of a major artist. Till Sep 30, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Mumbai Music
Wolfgang Amadeus And Veteran Playback

It is three days of music from different genres for Mumbai, with the first day featuring a performance by 23-year-old Neville Bharucha. An early beginner, he has been regaling audiences to his piano compositions since he was seven. A recent winner of the Kerr Memorial Prize, the youngster promises much. Second in line is a celebration of the songs of the late Mukesh on his 40th death anniversary. The singer invested a great deal of honesty into his craft, which gives it a timeless appeal, and Mukhtar Shah, formerly lawyer and now singer, will look to do them justice. Finally, with Janmashtami round the corner, Shekhar Sen, a composer and lyricist, will seek to celebrate the splendour of this festival through an array of his compositions. Shyam Rang is a celebration of the life of Krishna, the dark one. Aug 10-12, NCPA

This Too

Pune Art With a passion for stained-glass mosaic, artists Durga Tilak and Mitalee Ghosh will exhibit 2D and 3D imagery—on paintings, table-tops, chess boards and night lamps. Till Aug 19, Bliss Art Gallery

And Also

Chennai Theatre
With Moonbeam

Along-lost romance from yesteryears is set to be rejuvenated this monsoon. Dear Liar is based on the correspondence between George Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell, the great stage actress. Off-stage couple Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah will be essaying the roles of the playwright and his muse in a comedy which brings out the letters’ quirks. GBS never allowed Campbell to make their correspondence public, and only allowed an impo­verished Campbell to sell heavily-edited transcripts later.

Two years after his death, however, all of it found their way into the public domain. For a peek into a private world of the irrepressible Irishman, don’t miss this one. Sir Mutha Venkata­subba Concert Hall, Aug 19

Calcutta Film
Wings Of Hope

The Bengali documentary Unprotected Brothers is the story of brothers Rahim and Ala, who are poor labourers. Ala dreamt of a future in maximum city and landed up in Mumbai. He lives in an 8x8 space with six men and is forced to conceal his identity—he is a Muslim. It is a harrowing tale of the loss sustained in the present to nourish hopes for the fut­ure. Aug 17, Max Mueller Bhavan

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