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The Sked

NCPA’s Mudra Dance Festival, Ravi Agarwal’s photo exhibition on his favourite subject: water and a tribute to Shakespeare

The Sked

Mumbai Dance
Creatures Rythmic And Divine

In what is an apt buildup to International Dance Day, NCPA’s Mudra Dance Festival will enthral audien­ces. The theme is “creatures in Indian mythology and folk tales” and it will take us to the mystic, tell-tale world of our past. The age-old tales are told through Odissi, Kathakali, Chhau, Kuchipudi, Bhara­tanatyam, Manipuri and Kat­hak, performed by talented young art­istes. Acclaimed singer/song­writer-cum-dancer Bhavna Reddy will present Kuchipudi while Rajesh Sai Babu, an acclaimed dancer and choreographer, will perform the Mayurbhanj style of Chhau dance. Fol­lowing that up will be Prabal Gupta, a perfor­mer and choreographer with a unique presentation of a Bengali folk tale on Manasa (the goddess of snakes) in Kathakali and Patachitra scroll painting. Noted Odissi dancer Rahul Acharya will present the story of Shiva’s bull Nandi in his own, inimitable way; Bimbavati Devi, an acclaimed Manipuri artist, will show us her int­erpretations of vahana (the divine vehicle), and Vishal Krishna will give a Kathak recital. Author Devdutt Pat­naik, expert on myths and mythologies, will be hosting a talk tit­led Patha. Finally, there will be a lecture and demonstration by Jayashree Rajagopalan and troupe in a show titled ‘The Influence of the Flora and Fauna, on the Nritta Karanas of the Natya Sastra’.  Multiple Venues, April 21-24

Delhi Photography
Afloat For Ages In A Catamaran

Well known for his activism around the Yamuna, photographer Ravi Agarwal’s exhibition returns to his favourite topic: water. His first interaction with the sea is the basis for photos and videos titled Else, All Will Be Still. All the works deal with ideas of nature and how it is different for fishermen and others who depend on it. Through pictures, Agarwal tries to bring in iss­ues of ecology and sustainability. A set of 29 pictures titled Lunar Tide shows the impact of the lunar cycle on tides, while a collection of 20 pictures, 20 km, is on the grievances of fishermen who cannot afford motorised boats. Rhizome is a collection of interviews of fishermen who do not consider the waters as ‘nature’, as those mostly alien to it do, and Yamuna Manifesto is a story told in images: those of an ancient catamaran still used by Tamil fishermen. Gallery ESpace, Till May 7

This Too

Chennai Theatre  Shakespearewallah is a tribute to the Bard on his 400th death anniversary. Using mime and music and featuring famous characters, this is a one-man show by Salim Ghouse. Alliance Francaise, Apr 23-24

And Also

Chennai Art
Kishen’s Moods

Aform of art unique in itself, the tradition of Pichwai paintings is the depiction of Lord Krishna in various moods and postures and has been passed down through generations. It is also a way to educate people about the god. The acclai­med painter and miniaturist from Rajasthan, Yug Deepak Soni, brings a collection of such paintings titled Shrinatha. The Udaipur-born miniaturist excels in the use of traditional materials and techniques, like hand-made paper, cotton and muslin cloth and the use of mineral, organic and metallic pigments. His canvas is as distinct as his work, and this show is not one to be missed. Sarala’s Art Centre, Till Apr 21

Calcutta Theatre
Thief’s Journal

Making its way to Calcu­tta is the ever-popular Charandas Chor. A play based on a folk tale, it is the story of a thief who is in fact an honest man and takes a vow to never lie again. In add­ition, he makes other ambitious pledges. The plot rev­­o­­lves around tests he faces when he contemplates breaking these promises and the trials he faces. A tale of many agniparikshas. Academy of Fine Arts, Apr 21

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