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The Sked

Arun Pandit's installation at Tirupati airport, a play on Reyhaneh Jabbari - the Iranian woman who was executed for murdering the man who tried to rape her and an exhibition called 'Water'

The Sked

delhi art
A Morphing Of Personas

Delhi sculptor Arun Pandit recently hit the headlines for an insta­ll­ation at Tiru­pati airport inaugurated by PM Modi. His gigantic sculpture of a Gar­uda, Lord Vishnu’s mount, has attracted eyeballs. A selection of his works will form the exhibition Power and Pathos. Pandit is championing the cause of bronze sculptures after returning to the medium in 2006; fibreglass was his chosen vehicle of expression in between. The novelty of his play with form and scale on metal can be judged from the 20-odd creations that will be on display. The artist, who admits to the influence of Romanian sculptor Brancusi and Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, is also recognised for creating an almost 3D sculpture in motion and the use of a cast in final display. For Pandit, the human and bull form are modes of story-telling, as he observes and comments on everyday society through them. There has not been much variation in these themes over the years but Pandit has been adding more depth and layers in his work. He has shied away from such exhibits earlier due to an apparent fear of space constraints. But with that hurdle taken care of, be prepared to gape in wonder. Till April 8, Lalit Kala Akademi

goa culture
In A Land Like No Other

Goa has added many a flavour to the thali that is India, with invasions, both territorial and cultural, shaping its history. As a tribute to its diversity, the Museum of Goa is hosting an event, ‘Morphology of Archive—Connected Histories of Goa’. Trade and conquests have dotted Goa’s timeline, with the Portuguese staying on for 450 years after the medieval Kadamba rule. The exhibition brings together around 30 international artists, all celebrating Goa’s uniqueness. Ships, seashells, fishnets, spices, botanical encyclopaedias, horses, tortured and traded sla­ves, the cross, candles, painted walls, hippies in a time-warp, the balcao, miracle-making saints and dem­ons—all of these have acted as characters that have fit into Goa’s chaotically serene puzzle. This promises to be a captivating experience. Till May 2

This Too

Hyderabad Fim  The French film La Source deals with a one-man-mission for clean water in a Haitian village after the 2010 earthquake. The narration is by Academy award nominee Don Cheadle. Apr 14, Lamakaan

And Also

chennai theatre
In A Killer State

On the seventh day of the seventh month of 2007, Reyhaneh Jabbari, then a 19-year-old Iranian woman, was convicted of murdering a man who tried to rape her. The Story Of Reyhaneh Jabbari is a play directed by Faezeh Jalali and is based on Jabbari’s accounts of her ordeal, penned during her last year which details the brutal torture she suffered at the hands of the authorities. In October 2014, Jabbari was executed. Her story provides telling commentary not just on the state of women in patriarchal societies but also on the powerlessness of the individual in the face of brutal state power. Apr 15-16, Alliance Francaise

mumbai photography
Liquidity For All

It is quite a difficult subject to explore and base an ent­ire show around, but the exhibition, titled ‘Water’, by Kedar Desai attempts to do just that. A collection of fifty of Desai’s pictures will be on display, all of which illustrate the necessity and importance of water around us. And aside from being that colourless, tasteless compound, it is a life-giver and a crucial connect betw­een life and the earth, a fact Desai stresses both literally and metaphorically through his photographs. Replete with light, shade and silhouettes, this is a collection utt­erly unique. Till April 9, Nine Fish Art Gallery 

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