August 03, 2020
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'The Scope Is Tremendous'

Says M. Rangarajan ONGC's group general manager (projects):

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'The Scope Is Tremendous'

What exactly is a blow-out?

It’s an uncontrolled flow of gas under tremendous pressure. This happens when the hydrostatic head of the mud column becomes lower than the internal pressure. Another factor is the sudden flow from new gas pockets in the well which increases the flow causing pressure. To be precise, it is due to an obstruction to the normal flow of gas.

What’s the procedure adopted to cap a blow-out well?

There are many options. Drilling a parallel relief well to help the pressure to subside, then to make room for early capping. This is possible only after putting off the fire and removing the damaged or tilted blow-out preventor to stop spreading of the fire horizontally.

What’s the gain for the ONGC in the Krishna-Godavari basin?

ONGC has been able to drill one lakh tonne of oil and 3,000 cubic metres of gas.

What is the potential of the KG basin?

Well, as far as oil reserves are concerned it is negligible. But, the scope for gas is tremendous. That’s why the ONGC feels that both the Godavari districts are well carved out for gas-based industries.

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