Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Saint & The Sceptic

Is ‘research’ enough to bust the Mother Teresa ‘myth’?

The Saint & The Sceptic

A Quiverful Of Arrows

Key allegations against Mother Teresa in the Canadian report:

  • She or Missionaries of Charity got several millions of dollars in aid but put very little of it to use. Instead, they played up the suffering of the poor and stashed cash in secret accounts.
  • When patients were dying, ambulances were not called for but they were prepared for death as per Christian rites. However, when Mother herself was ill, she received treatment in an ultra-modern US hospital.
  • Someone who worked at the Missionaries of Charity facility in Calcutta saw patients being treated without painkillers and with syringes reused and rinsed in cold water. WHO too expressed worry in 2002 that tuberculosis could spread as the infected were not segregated.
  • She accepted money from dictators like Duvalier of Haiti, laid a wreath at Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha’s grave and defended Charles Keating, a convicted fraudster, in court as “a friend of the poor” and “generous donator”
  • After the Bhopal gas tragedy, Mother Teresa was there distributing medals of the Holy Virgin and had nothing better to say than “it was an accident that we must pardon”. Similarly, 360 children and 60 adults died in a fire in north India but all Missionaries of Charity did was pray.
  • She claimed abortion was an “enemy of peace” in her Nobel acceptance speech.
  • She was mentally unstable because of her father’s death and her ‘nuit de la foi’ (night of faith, literally) and request for exorcism may have been the cause of it.