Monday, Aug 15, 2022

The Poseidon Myth

Europe & Co talk weather, and mean business. Is it all for real?

The Poseidon Myth The Poseidon Myth

Temperature Control

  • G-8 meet in Germany next week isn't a climate conference. So, no targets for reducing emissions will be laid out.
  • As hosts, Germany has placed climate change on the G-8 agenda. Leaders will therefore discuss the phenomenon of global warming and steps the world should take to reduce it.
  • Germany wants steps to be taken to ensure temperatures don't rise more than two degrees this year.
  • If Germany's proposal is accepted, expect stringent cuts in emission levels after 2012. These levels are to be decided at a conference in Bali in December.
  • Drastic reduction of emission levels means India will have to turn to more expensive clean technology. Indian goods will become less competitive.
  • Some scientists question the very concept of global warming, climate change.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will soon join a gathering of eight powerful world leaders and another four thought to be getting there, with not much more than the weather to talk about—or its extension over time and space into climate. Because for everyone, India particularly, climate change is now an issue of survival.

Not because floods are about to drown one or a rash of hurricanes blow away another. The storm is over the money thought to be needed to contain climate change. Which makes all this such a matter of concern to the eight rich (the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia) and the five not-so-rich (India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico) at the G-8 summit on June 6-8 at Heiligendamm, safer to say, in Germany.