February 22, 2020
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The Pandit's Manoeuvres

The Pandit's Manoeuvres

N.K. SHARMA operates from his double-storey building on Rohtak Road. But he is con-stantly on the hot-line with 7 Race Course Road. Having accurately predicted that P.V. Narasimha Rao would be India's next prime minister when Rao himself had announced sanyas, the pandit from Haryana now prom ises to take Rao closer to the Muslims.

His targets are the dominant Sunnis and influ-ential imams. And the Bareilly fiasco has not deterred him. He held two major Sunni meets in Vijaywada and Calicut in mid-November. And in August, on his recommendation, Rao hosted a dinner for 1,500 ulemas from 15 states. He has promised welfare measures but has told them to "forget a new mosque at Ayodhya". Clearly on Muslim matters Rao listens to him almost to the exclusion of his other advisers. 

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