Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

The Keys To The State

Where do you go to find relevant government data? Private players throw the door open.

Recent Data Spats

  • GoI revises consumption growth rates for April-June 2010 after economists point out that demand has not been properly captured.
  • India tries to settle figures on just how many people are below the poverty line. Multiple reports say between 25-50% of population.
  • Heated debate around a RGICS report that gave Gujarat a high score. It only considered economic and industrial performance.
  • Indicus’s analysis that showed a rise in per capita income in Bihar was attacked on grounds that published data was not from known sources.


When Prithvi Haldea, MBA by training and corporate executive for two decades, started his own venture in 1989—a database on the primary capital market—he didn’t know the risks involved would eventually include his life. Haldea’s other database, the one that gets him into trouble, is an online listing of “rogue” companies and their executives. It features some 34,000 individuals and 77,000 companies indicted by regulators and courts for breaking various laws. “I get death threats regularly,” he says, “even though everything I publish there is public information. I only put the people, the companies and the orders indicting them in one place, and, yes, in simple English.” Haldea’s website, incidentally, is supported by the government.