February 18, 2020
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The Identity Crisis Of 'True' Hindus

The Identity Crisis Of 'True' Hindus
The boot is on the other foot in the tiff between Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh and the Sangh parivar. Diggy Raja has sent a missive to RSS chief K.S. Sudershan asking him to prove the Hindu credentials of his organisation by donating a piece of land adjoining Ujjain’s Mahakaal temple to the temple trust. The rss, which owns the land, is demanding Rs 20 crore in return. The land is supposedly needed for security arrangements during Simhastha—a once-in-12-years Mahakumbh-like religious fair scheduled next year.The RSS runs a parking lot there.

The chief minister in his letter says he was "shocked to discover" that the RSS had not only moved the high court to block the acquisition of the land—which, in any case it had not purchased—but was demanding five times the market price.

He did not forget to add a jibe: "I’m a devout Hindu. You must be aware that there’s a centuries-old glorious tradition among us Hindus to donate whatever we can to places of worship. I’m surprised the RSS is demanding crores of rupees—which will come from the offerings made by devotees—for handing over the land."

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