Sunday, Aug 14, 2022

The Hawk In Flight

Alone, austere and in control, Narendra Modi stands for everything in Gujarat today

The Hawk In Flight The Hawk In Flight

Modi Manners

  • He is a complete loner
  • No durbars
  • Prefers to eat alone
  • Entertains no relatives: Even his mother does not stay with him.
  • Not emotive at the personal level
  • Is only good at mass interactions
  • Is obsessed with his public image
  • Has a carefully cultivated sartorial style and gestures to suit his public persona
  • Is a workaholic. Election or no election, he works from 6 am to 11 pm.
  • Is tech-savvy and spends considerable time on his laptop


"Modi is like a man possessed when it comes to work. he's in office till 11 PM."
-Arun Jaitley, BJP general secretary

"Modi brought a corporate style to government. So the business class is happy."
-Utkarsh Shah, chamber of commerce