Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

The Great Job Chase

FDI’s up, so is GDP. And yet the demographic dividend lies untapped. Here’s why.

No Vacancy? Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari

  • Investment Blues: While there has been higher public ­investment, inflow of foreign direct investment is yet to deliver.
  • Man Vs Machine: Hi-tech manufacturing and increasing mechanisation are limiting the number of jobs in the market.
  • No Economy Is An Island:Global trends are impacting exports and ­employment across various sectors.
  • A Casual Turn:A shift from permanent jobs to contract staffing—both blue- and white-collar—is being witnessed.
  • Missing The Match:There are jobs as well as a large number of jobless people, ­suggesting persistent jobs-skills mismatch.
  • Stadium:Growing contractualisation and lacunae in skill-development means the job-creation strategy needs a rethink.


Blame it on global or domestic scenario, but the Modi government’s promise of ending a decade of jobless growth during the UPA regime is yet to deliver. This is despite a higher economic growth and over 50 per cent rise in FDI inflow in the last two years.