February 21, 2020
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The End Of Fun

20 Things That Are No Fun At All

The End Of Fun
1. VVIP movements on the roads

2. Lamp lighting ceremonies followed by address from the Chief Guest

3. Remixes of songs that were perfect and definitely did not need the addition of a machine-made metronome beat and periodic "Oooh baby"-s in a gruff voice

4. Old friends who become salespeople for various pyramid marketing schemes and invite you to dinner just to sell some shampoo or kitchenware

5. Watching Miss World/Universe/ Ghatkopar/whatever cry as she gets the crown

6. Kamalahaasan going through yet another complex costume/figure/ role change in a futile bid to make histrionic history

7. Umpire Asoka De Silva, who seems to give Indian batsmen out wrongly more than batsmen from any other country

8. Opening your newspaper in the morning and finding full-page ads of obscure—and possibly fictitious—government programmes with pictures of smiling politicians being congratulated by themselves for being jolly good fellows

9. Ruby Bhatia as cricket analyst

10. Television commercials that want to make you believe that you can get a job/lover/spouse/untold riches/peer respect/identity/ whatever you lack, by changing your soap/shampoo/face cream/ talcum powder brand/shape of abdomen

11. Trying to get your child admitted to a school

12. Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das at yet another rally for "The Dam"/the blind/the deaf/the

disabled/empowering the tribals/ women/children/AIDS/education/ women politicians

13. Investing in the stockmarkets

14. Religious fundamentalists

15. Pseudo-secularists

16. Junk mail

17. Dial-up net connections

18. Watching Rahul Dravid keep wickets to spinners

19. Income tax

20. Putting together the Fun Issue of Outlook
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